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Career Discovery: Data Science

The Coronavirus is causing many people a lot of stress. But at the same time, many of us are relying on a range of professionals who were not on our radar before.  It is a time of anxiety, but also a time to learn

For example, we are relying more than ever before on statistics compiled by analysts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Statistics amassed by these professionals are being reported widely on the news. How many new cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in the U.S., for example, or in our state, or in our town, or in our school system? That kind of data helps us understand the crisis and stay aware of the risks. And we are newly aware of, and thankful to, the professionals who collect and analyze the information we need.

The message is that if you or students you know have not been thinking about data science as a college major or profession, perhaps you should begin now. It is a career that can be immensely important when adverse events arise.

What College Majors Prepare for a Career in Data Analytics and Data Science?

A major in Information Technology, Statistics and Data Analytics can prepare students for careers in data analysis. Institutions that offer undergraduate degrees include four-year colleges (including Boston University, Drexel, Georgia Tech, Purdue, and Rutgers) as well as online institutions like Capella and Southern New Hampshire University. Many institutions, including Drew, offer master’s degrees. In addition, some institutions offer short programs of study that lead to certification in data analytics.

A degree in one of these majors can prepare college graduates to work in fields that include pharmaceutical research, political research and polling, investment research, financial counseling, market research, supply-chain management, database design and management, and even computer engineering. Students who have had the right kind of training and coursework generally command highly competitive starting salaries after college.

If you or the students you know have not been thinking about majoring in statistical science and data analytics, this could be a good time to begin. Now that we are benefitting from the work of data analysts every day, it is a profession that many of us should be thinking about.

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