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The Student Research Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that serves to provide the latest research data through cutting-edge analysis and strong partnerships with verified organizations dedicated to you.

We want to inspire educators, parents and students to make higher education and career pathway dreams a reality.

Our focus is to create an ongoing dialogue with the builders of tomorrow and informed organizations that can help guide and nurture success.


The Student Research Foundation has the honor of partnering with a number of organizations dedicated to furthering education and career pathways for our nations students and their families.

Our four  “Research Consortia” bring together a number of organizations specializing in specific skill sets important to the 21st century workforce.

Discover research and resources below that can change the future for educators, parents and students alike.

  • STEM

    Useful resources for career and education aspirations regarding STEM pathways can be found here.

  • Career & Technical Education

    Manufacturing, technical training and trade skills create versatile and focused workers. Our research focuses on the career aspirations of this field


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Our studies help us understand and create a better dialogue with educators, parents and students. By gaining insight on career and educational pathway trends, we can provide better research & more relevant content!

We also can connect you with resources and organizations that will assist you in your further education and career pathway endevours.

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High School Career Pathways Study

Teachers on Students Career Readiness


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