Freedom of Speech on Your Child’s College Campus - Student Research Foundation

Should You Be Concerned about Freedom of Speech on Your College Campus?

If you have a son who has developed strongly conservative political views, should you encourage him to apply only to schools that support his outlook? Or if you have a daughter who leans left on the political spectrum, should you encourage her to apply only to schools where she can comfortably express her liberal viewpoints? Read more

Stalling on College Applications? These Tactics Should Help - Student Research Foundation

Is Your Son or Daughter Stalling on College Applications? These Tactics Should Help

It’s time for high school seniors to start thinking about their college applications. It will soon be time to get organized about visiting campuses, filling out applications, writing college essays, and lots more.

Read more

Online Career Tests for High School Students - Student Research Foundation

Three Online Career Tests for High School Students

Why should high school students take a career-preference test when many aren’t even thinking about their college majors yet? Because the perspective the quizzes give can give valuable direction before high schoolers start their college years. Read more

Career Testing - Student Research Foundation

How Soon Should Students Take Career Tests?

Many students don’t think about visiting counseling offices until sophomore year. Then, when it is time to pick a major field of study, they suddenly start to think about taking career tests that can help them select their college majors. Read more

Helping Students Choose a Major - Student Research Foundation

Helping Students Choose a Major

In the US alone, there are a significant amount of students that end up changing their majors in college. The Student Research Foundation reported on statistics of students who entered college in 2011-2012 and shifted to another course sometime during their time at college. Here are some of the popular fields: Read more

How to pick a college without USNews College Rankings - Student Research Foundation

Inside Money Magazine’s College Ratings

How the Collge Rankings Were Done

The 2018 Money Magazine college rankings have just been published. That means that parents and kids have a new, statistics-based list of college ratings that they can consult before picking colleges that are application-worthy. (We thought that the US News rankings would fill the demand for ratings, but the appetite for them is apparently great.) Read more