Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related careers are booming. The demand for skilled workers is high and the available talent pool of STEM graduates is not keeping up with the demand.

Our research explores the various STEM fields and highlights opportunities for both students and teachers to investigate together. When considering the future of STEM it is important to analyze the trends of both females and other underrepresented groups considering these fields.

  • 74% of high school students in STEM classes are in a career pipeline that will require STEM skills.
  • However, more work remains to be done to encourage more females and other underrepresented groups to pursue STEM education and careers.

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High School Physics Fans: Profiles for Action!

Physics is uniquely positioned to increase diversity in STEM and of 11 STEM subjects, Physics was equally likely to be a favorite subject for historically underrepresented students. Explore more in our infographic on Physics!

Hispanics & STEM Report: Gen Z’s Interest Can Change the Future!

The demand for STEM professionals continues to grow, especially as forecasts show there will be 10.6 million STEM jobs by 2028. Attracting Gen Z Hispanics is imperative to the STEM workforce, because Hispanic adults are historically underrepresented and underutilized in the field.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Student Research Foundation’s new report on Hispanics in STEM, a collaboration with the Research Consortium on STEM Career Pathways and Google, suggests that now is the time to embrace the next generation of Hispanic STEM leaders. Data show that Gen Z Hispanics are equally as interested in STEM subjects as historically over-represented groups, despite challenges. See our report and infographic for more on effective strategies for developing and furthering the STEM aspirations of today’s Hispanic students!

Women & Girls in Computing Report

Between 2018 and 2028, the U.S. workforce will grow by 5.2%. The computing/IT sector will grow even more – 12.7%. Yet continued underrepresentation of women in the computing sector (26%) will reduce the talent pool and jeopardize the nation’s ability to fill these high-skilled, high-paying jobs. Will a new generation transform the computing sector?

High school students’ career aspirations foreshadow the future. This report analyzes data from a 2018 national survey of high school students, conducted by the Student Research Foundation. 74,149 students responded. Their attitudes identify prospects for gender equity and insights for interventions. See the report about Women & Girls in Computing here.

Physics & Today’s Students Infographic

Did you know that Physics confidence effects career aspirations in the STEM field? Learn more about the diversity and changing trends of physics career aspirations.