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Big Ideas from on How to Be a More Creative Teacher

As a high school teacher, you are devoting time and energy to your professional development. But are you also striving to become a more creative teacher?

We recently found a new post, “101 Ways for Teachers to Be More Creative” that was published on July 31, 2019 on the TeachThought blog. This post really does offer 101 suggestions for how teachers can become more creative. Read more

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Nine Policies to Increase Computer Science Learning at the State Level

The 2019 State of Computer Science Education, a nationwide study conducted by the Advocacy Coalition, the Computer Science Teachers Association and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance, found that two conflicting trends are at work in computer science as it is taught in American high schools. Read more

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Research Findings: What Parents Think They Know about Protecting their Children Online

In 2018, the Student Research Foundation partnered with the Research Consortium on Digital Safety & Cyber Security Careers to complete “Caution: Safety in a Digital World,” a survey of 710 parents of middle school and high school students. Our researchers asked those parents what they knew about protecting their children online, what they thought they knew, and more.

Here is a summary of our findings . . . Read more

To Be Successful, Do Your Students Need to Attend an Ivy League Institution

To Be Successful, Do Your Students Need to Attend an Ivy League Institution?

There are many definitions of success, and that is a good thing. And today, more people are defining success in their own ways.

But for the purposes of this post, let’s define success in a once-common way, even though a growing number of people might no longer see it as valid . . . Read more

New Research Findings: Students from Different Backgrounds Consume Internet News in Different Ways

A high school teacher recently told a group of fellow educators, “Some of my students are much more aware of what is going on in the world than other students are. I’ve been assuming the best-informed students are those who have better access to the Internet at home, but is that really the case?” Read more

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How Satisfied Are Students with Their College Choices?

As educators, we place a lot of emphasis on helping high school students gain admission to their top-choice colleges. But once that work is done and our students head off to college, do we know how happy they are? Read more