New Research on Hispanic Students from Considering STEM Careers - Student Research Foundation

Facts and Figures Educators Should Know about Hispanic Americans

Teachers and school administrators, are there Hispanic students in your classrooms? Or are you instructing non-Hispanic students about their Hispanic neighbors across the U.S.?

In either case, here are some statistics you should have available.  Read more

Student Success and improved graduation rates

New Report from Mainstay Recommends Ways to Improve the College Experience for First-Generation Students

“When I arrived on campus as a first-year college student, the differences between me and my peers were clear. So many of my fellow classmates seemed at home, not just among the beautiful buildings and green spaces, but also with the small nuances of the higher education experience — from skillfully finding the right courses to simply approaching faculty and staff for help. As the first member of my immediate family to go to college, I very quickly realized I had a longer, more stressful road ahead than those who showed up already knowing what to expect.” Read more

Depressurize Back-to-School Days for High School Students

Six Ways to Depressurize Back-to-School Days for High School Students

Heading back to school has always been stressful for students. This year’s return, which follows the destabilizing Pandemic, could prove to be even more difficult for them.

Some school systems and states across the country are already taking steps to make the transition easier. California, for example, has passed a law requiring that no public schools in the state start their days any earlier than 8:30 A.M.

That seems like a good way to reduce stress on high school students. But there are other ways to depressurize life for students who are returning to classrooms. Here’s a selection of strategies that educators have found to work. Read more