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Student Research Foundation is pledging
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Our Pledge to 1,000 Projects! makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.

Supporting teachers and students

Student Research Foundation is pledging to donate to 1,000 projects this year in an effort to:

  • Support teachers in helping students reach their academic and career goals
  • Prepare students for the 21st century workforce
  • Narrow the digital divide and advance the use of classroom technology

Get Involved.

Let us know what projects you are trying to fund and we will review them for consideration and donate to your class’s project(s).

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Funded Projects

Be a Catalyst to Our Classroom!

Funded Mar 27, 2018

“Thank you all so much for your generous support! These materials will now allow our students to experience a more hands on approach to science!

Your support for our students means so much to us as educators and will mean even more to our students. Thank you all so very much!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Steele

Using Buttons to Celebrate Our Students’ Achievements

Funded Mar 27, 2018

“It is with my deepest gratitude that I say THANK YOU for your generous donations. Because of your support, the students of our school will be receiving pins to celebrate the AMAZING gains they’ve made with their academic progress. I am so grateful that we will be able to reward their successes in school so that they will continue to grow and, hopefully, pull their peers up to their pedestal with them. Again, thank you so much for your donations because, without you, our vision would would’ve stayed just that.”

With gratitude,

Mrs. Knaub

Students Become Teachers!

Funded Mar 27, 2018

“What an amazing opportunity you all have afforded my students with the help of your generous donation. I assure you that your funds are very appreciated and will be used to do great things. My students are just as excited as I am to be able to use these items. Thank you again!”

With gratitude,

Mr. Jubran

Bringing the World to Students Virtually

Funded Mar 20, 2018

“I cannot express how thankful I am for your generosity. My students are going to be so excited to be able to go on field trips virtually. Thanks again. I can’t wait for the resources to arrive. I will enjoy the look on my students’ faces when I show them the new Google viewers. My students do not have much. So when I am able to introduce them to something new I love it. They are great kids who just need a break. With all the problems in their lives I like to feel like I’m there for them always whether it is in school or life.”

With gratitude,

Ms. Foulk

Technology to Overcome the Graduation Hurdle!

Funded Mar 15, 2018

“I am so touched by the generosity of all of your donations! I feel passionately that technology is an incredibly powerful and necessary classroom tool to empower my underserved students. I will now be able to utilize these iPad minis to incorporate technology-based apps to give the students the necessary training and practice to pass, and improve their scores, for their SAT exams. This will not only help them to graduate high school, but will also help students to achieve their dreams of going to the college of their choice. Thank you, thank you all for vision and compassion!”

With gratitude,

Ms. Quinn

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