Teacher standing at a board outlining Educational Trends - Student Research Foundation

Three Positive Educational Trends that Have Emerged from the Pandemic

If you are a teacher, you already have seen countless changes in your classroom and your school over the past year.

But which of those changes are most likely to exert an ongoing influence in the future?

“3 COVID-19 education trends set to persist post-pandemic,” an article that Kara Arundel wrote for K12Dive.com last October, points out three specific improvements that are most likely to exert a long-term influence on our schools.

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Social Justice Rally

The Challenges of Teaching Social Justice in Your Classroom

The trial of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis has focused our nation’s attention on issues of social justice and racial equality. These questions can form the basis for classroom discussions and assignments in our classrooms yet making those assignments and leading discussions can pose a challenge for teachers. Students could offer opinions that will trigger other students, and even reflect badly on the teacher who was in charge when those opinions were expressed. Read more

High School Student Standing in front of a school bus

Has Covid-19 Driven a Permanent Wedge Between America’s Public and Private Schools?

If you live in many towns and cities across the United States, you are familiar with the great divide between the public and private schools near you. Read more