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College Aptitude Tests: New Ways to Think about the SAT and ACT

“The Truth about the SAT and ACT,” an article that Nathan Kuncel and Paul Sackett published in The Wall Street Journal on March 8, 2018, provides a wealth of new insights into standardized tests.

We all thought we understood those tests, correct? Most of us conceptualized them in this way: Read more

Color Calculators Help All Students Better Visualize Math Concepts - A project funded by Student Research Foundation

Color Calculators Help All Students Better Visualize Math Concepts

Graphing calculators help most all high school students visualize math concepts and the results of their work. But if those students have learning disabilities, graphing calculators with vibrant color displays are even more effective at making math come to life. Read more

Career and Technical Education Today - Student Research Foundation

Career and Technical Education Today

CTE Today . . .

What you and your students need to know about the Career and Technical Education pathway to starting a career

A stand-up comedian once said, “By the time something becomes an acronym, forget it! It is already too late to take advantage of it.”

That might be true sometimes. By the time Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing was being called by the acronym CAD/CAM, for example, there were already tens of thousands of people sitting at terminals working CAD/CAM jobs.

But at other times, it is decidedly not true. Read more