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Career Discovery: Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) professionals monitor the movement of goods from their source to their customers.

Only a few weeks ago, not too many people were thinking about supply chain management. Most of us were probably assuming that the supply chains that bring us medicines, medical equipment, food and other goods were working well. Read more

More Students Should Be Thinking about Careers in Health Services Today - Student Research Foundation

More Students Should Be Thinking about Careers in Health Services Today

Research conducted by the Student Research Foundation earlier this year found that many American high school students were already interested in pursuing careers in the health sciences. That was before Coronavirus reached our shores. But even then, our research found that  . . . Read more

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Career Discovery: Data Science

The Coronavirus is causing many people a lot of stress. But at the same time, many of us are relying on a range of professionals who were not on our radar before.  It is a time of anxiety, but also a time to learn

For example, we are relying more than ever before on statistics compiled by analysts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Statistics amassed by these professionals are being reported widely on the news. How many new cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in the U.S., for example, or in our state, or in our town, or in our school system? That kind of data helps us understand the crisis and stay aware of the risks. And we are newly aware of, and thankful to, the professionals who collect and analyze the information we need. Read more

Career Discovery Media and Reporting - Student Research Foundation

Career Discovery: Media and Reporting

There are disadvantages to having your children at home during the Coronavirus crisis. They are only taking classes online, cut off from their friends, missing athletic practices, and maybe even falling behind on their preparations to take standardized tests.

But there are advantages too. One is that some students are discovering certain professions for the first time. Most often, they are careers that have suddenly been getting more attention and exposure because of the crisis. Read more

The Pandemic’s Impact on Your Education - Student Research Foundation

Classes Cancelled? Here Are Some High-Productivity Activities High School Students Can Do Anyway

“Thousands of Students In New York Face Shuttered Schools,” an article in The New York Times on March 10, 2020, reports that more schools could close because of the current Coronavirus scare. The article reports that public schools have closed in Scarsdale, a suburb of New York. And it you do a little searching online, chances are you will find that public schools near you are have either closed down temporarily or have contingency plans to do so if students, teachers or administrators become ill. Read more

How to Pick the Best Summer STEM Programs for High School Students - Student Research Foundation

How to Pick the Best Summer STEM Programs for High School Students

Dozens of summer STEM programs are available for high school students. Many are held on college campuses. Some courses are taught by their regular faculty members, others by undergraduate and graduate students.

What subjects can your high schoolers study at these programs?  Course offerings vary, but most programs offer courses like these: Read more

Use Pi Day as a STEM Learning Opportunity - Student Research Foundation

Use Pi Day as a STEM Learning Opportunity

Teachers, we know that Pi Day (March 14th) is already on your calendars and on your radar. This year, possibly more than in any past one, Pi Day offers opportunities to give creative lessons that turn your students’ attention to STEM studies. Read more

Now Is the Time to Beef Up Your SAT and ACT Vocabulary - Student Research Foundation

Now Is the Time to Beef Up Your SAT and ACT Vocabulary

What is the single most effective way to improve the scores that you or a student will earn on the PSAT, SAT and ACT tests that are coming up in the new year?

There are many answers to that question, and most involve spending money on costly tutoring programs. But there is another way to dramatically improve the chances of earning a higher score on those tests – and it will cost you very little . . . Read more

How the Coronavirus Could Affect Your College Life and Plans - Student Research Foundation

How the Coronavirus Could Affect Your College Life and Plans

“Colleges Brace for More-Widespread Outbreak of Coronavirus,” an article that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education on February 29, 2020, reports that colleges and universities are planning how they will respond if the spread of the Coronavirus continues or becomes more serious. They are considering ending their academic years ahead of schedule, canceling their summer terms, and taking other steps. And of course, they are devoting serious thought to finding ways to protect students from becoming infected, or to treating any students who do. Read more