Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Research Foundation?

The Student Research Foundation is a collaborative research foundation focused on providing research and resources to teachers, students and parents. We compile our research from internal proprietary digital surveys, in-school surveys and through our partnerships with other educational organizations. We are dedicated to providing educators, students and parents with research that’s both relevant and useful.

How can I participate in Student Research Foundation surveys?

Students who wish to take our survey can complete them online here.

Teachers who wish to have their students participate may request a survey package for distribution to their students.

Why do teachers participate in the research?

Teachers use the survey in many ways. Some teachers use the survey as an opportunity to discuss college and career options with their student and to help them determine the best path for their future. Other teachers use the research findings to engage in discussions about careers, colleges and alternative educational options.

Why should students participate in the research?

All students who participate in the survey project will receive information on college and career options they might not have known about opening up new avenues of opportunity to them and their families. Students will get connected with relevant organizations that understand their interests.

Can we request a specific research project for our school or students?

We are happy to discuss specific research projects with teachers and schools. Please fill out the Contact form on our Homepage.

How can other organizations partner with the Student Research Foundation?

We are happy to discuss different partnership opportunities with organizations who share a common mission of helping students plan for their career or educational futures. Please contact us here.

Do schools or teachers have to pay for the research results?

No! All schools and teachers are able to access all our research results for free from our website. Follow us on Twitter for the latest research and news.

What “Research” does the Student Research Foundation do?

Student Research Foundation conducts voluntary surveys that ask high school students throughout the U.S. about their career interests, courses of study, and after school activities. This information is used to help connect students with institutions of higher education, and youth development organizations. We also generate an annual Student Survey Report detailing academic and career trends.

Who uses the Student Research Foundation findings?

Teachers across the United States receive regular updates on new findings, surveys and updates based on the Student Research Foundation surveys. The results are available for free on our research page.

Where can students or parents complete the Secondary School Student Survey?

Paper surveys are distributed in high school classrooms across the U.S. and students have the option of completing them. Students can also take the survey online here.

What resources does the Student Research Foundation provide to help students and their parents?

Through our website students and parents can take advantage of a growing collection of resources. Including

  • planning tools and information about a wide range of educational & career options
  • scholarship information and financial aid planning

Many of our partners provide additional resources and opportunities to explore schools and careers through their websites and events.

Who has access to the information collected in the surveys?

Non-personally identifiable information collected through the Survey is compiled in the Annual Secondary School Student Survey Report.

Personally identifiable data provided in response to the survey will be released to Colleges, Universities and other post-secondary schools, as well as other educational entities that wish to communicate useful and pertinent information to high school students. It is also shared with ASL Marketing, LLC, a for-profit company which, among other things, is engaged in providing student data to commercial entities that want to contact high school students, including student organizations, and businesses that market consumer products and services of particular interest to them. Students, or parents of students, who have completed the Survey may opt out of these uses at any time with an email to; or by opting out here. Student-specific information is never made available to the general public.

Are the scholarships only for college or can the money be used for other purposes?

The Student Research Foundation scholarships are paid directly to the college, university, or other higher-educational institution that the student attends and may be used to defray the incidental costs of their post-secondary education.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

The scholarships are open to high school students who are U.S. residents.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Any high school student can apply by completing the scholarship application and submitting their essay.

How much money does Student Research Foundation award each year in scholarships?

Student Research Foundation has awarded $25,000 in scholarships each year.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

The Student Research Foundation is proud to award 10 winners with scholarship money to offset part of the cost of attending college.

When are scholarship winners notified?

2021-22 Scholarship winners will be notified by phone and email by November 20, 2022.

2022-23 Scholarship winners will be notified by phone and email by November 20, 2023.

Who are some of the previous scholarship winners?

You can see a list of previous winners on our scholarship winners page.