Turning Covid into Teachable Moments

After a year of remote learning during a year of Covid-19, it will come as no surprise that some students are going to find it difficult to go back into classrooms this year.

Some teachers have decided that one way to help students make that transition is to give them opportunities to process the experience of the last year by journaling, creating videos, and engaging in other forms of creative self-expression. Read more

Do You Need Classroom Management Software

Do You Need Classroom Management Software?

Teachers have always had a lot of people and processes to monitor and manage. Now that some or all students are returning to classrooms, the managerial side of teaching has become more complicated than ever before. If you are a teacher today, you need to know which students are continuing to take classes remotely, which classes they are taking, which lesson units they have completed, and more.

So like many teachers, you are probably wondering whether this would be a good time to invest in classroom-management software. Read more

Tips for Teachers on Avoiding Mask-Related Violent Episodes

Last week in Sutter Creek, California, an elementary school teacher was attacked and beaten by a father who became incensed when he arrived at school and saw that his daughter was wearing a face mask. Actually, the story was a bit more complicated than that. When he saw his daughter was wearing a mask, he started an argument with the school’s principal. When that argument became heated, a male teacher at the school intervened and was beaten so badly by the father that he went to the emergency room for care. Read more

Tips for Teachers Seeking New Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

Tips for Teachers Seeking New Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

We have recently scoured blogs and articles to find advice for teachers who would like to change jobs in our new post-Covid marketplace. We looked at advice on blogs such as Vault.com, the Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices blog, Futurity.com, and other sources.

In today’s blog, we would like to share some of the better advice we found. Read more