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What is the Student Research Foundation?

The Student Research Foundation is a research organization. The analysis and research produced is used to help young people evaluate their post-high school education and career options.

We believe success comes from having clear goals and understanding for achieving those goals.

By defining career pathways and helping students reach those paths, the Foundation strengthens the nation, its economy, and its citizens.

Check out the incredible organizations that help Student Research Foundation put together world-class research and resources.

Our partnership with the Student Research Foundation expands the capacity of our organization enabling us to have a greater impact and provide higher quality services to the thousands of programs in our National Girls Collaborative Project network.

Karen Peterson
Karen PetersonFounder & Chief Executive Officer - The National Girls Collaborative and The Connectory

The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) partnered with the Student Research Foundation, the American Association of Physics Teachers, Destination Imagination, and the National Girls Collaborative, to form the Research Consortium on STEM Career Pathways in order to broaden participation in STEM by sparking a dialogue among students, families and educators about students’ career paths. The Consortium identified opportunities, challenges, and promising practices for leveraging equity to meet STEM workforce needs and pave the way for students to realize their potential in a STEM career. We appreciate this partnership and highlighted the Research Consortium’s support through our national webinar series last fall, a poster session at our annual National Summit for Educational Equity, and their continued engagement in our work. Through partnerships such as these, we can effectively combine our efforts, resources, and skills in identifying and addressing equity gaps in STEM educational and career pathways, thus more fully realizing the potential of our students and citizens.

Mimi Lufkin
Mimi LufkinChief Executive Officer - National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

Our collaboration with the Student Research Foundation is extremely valuable in that it helps give U.S. manufacturers key information they need to attract their future workforce. Together, we are making the U.S. manufacturing industry stronger by delivering some answers to the skills gap that is directly from the source: the voices of the next generation.

Carolyn Lee
Carolyn LeeExecutive Director - Manufacturing Institute