Freedom of Speech on Your Child’s College Campus - Student Research Foundation

Should You Be Concerned about Freedom of Speech on Your College Campus?

If you have a son who has developed strongly conservative political views, should you encourage him to apply only to schools that support his outlook? Or if you have a daughter who leans left on the political spectrum, should you encourage her to apply only to schools where she can comfortably express her liberal viewpoints? Read more

Stalling on College Applications? These Tactics Should Help - Student Research Foundation

Is Your Son or Daughter Stalling on College Applications? These Tactics Should Help

It’s time for high school seniors to start thinking about their college applications. It will soon be time to get organized about visiting campuses, filling out applications, writing college essays, and lots more.

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Inside Money Magazine’s College Ratings

How the Collge Rankings Were Done

The 2018 Money Magazine college rankings have just been published. That means that parents and kids have a new, statistics-based list of college ratings that they can consult before picking colleges that are application-worthy. (We thought that the US News rankings would fill the demand for ratings, but the appetite for them is apparently great.) Read more

We explore the topic of College Admissions Discrimination and what can be done about it - Student Research Foundation

The Realities of College Admissions Discrimination

You have heard the news that the Trump administration, supported by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, is ramping up efforts to do away with long-standing policies that have afforded advantageous educational opportunities to so-called minority students. Actually, the efforts began nearly a year ago, on August 1, 2017, when  the Justice Department called for new efforts to combat “intentional race-based discrimination.” Read more

How Valuable Is an Associate's Degree - Student Research Foundation

How Valuable Is an Associate’s Degree?

Associate’s degrees could represent one of the most significant educational bargains today. Some students are saving money by earning these degrees at community colleges, then transferring to state schools and private universities. The result is a big reduction in educational costs. Still other students are earning associate’s degrees, then going on to matriculate in colleges after they have worked for a few years and saved enough money to pay for tuition and other costs. And then there are students who simply earn associate’s degrees, start working, and never feel the need to return to college. Read more

How Google’s Expanded College Search Will Affect Colleges and their Applicants - Student Research Foundation

How Will Google’s Expanded College Search Affect Colleges and their Applicants?

If you Google the name of a college or university today, you will be surprised to discover that a lot more information appears than did only a few months ago. That is because Google is now putting up a lot more data about American Colleges and Universities, some of which comes from the U.S. Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Google is also serving up a variety of data about colleges that it appears to have generated internally. Read more

Commencement Speeches and college graduations - Student Research Foundation

2018 Commencement Speeches Arrive on YouTube this Month

May is the month when commencement speeches begin to get posted on YouTube. It’s fun to watch them. You almost get the feeling that you avoided spending four years and $200,000 and there you are, graduating. Or not quite.

But in any case, we are pleased to offer a quick rundown of some of the commencement speeches that have already been posted this graduation season . . . Read more

Academic Neutrality: How to Tell If a College Has Been Taken Over by Special Interests - Student Research Foundation

Academic Neutrality: How to Tell If a College Has Been Taken Over by Special Interests

Most colleges need money. Many foundations and companies like to give large sums of money to them. It’s a win-win situation. But what happens to a college if it accepts large donations from a think tank or other organization that has a political or other agenda that it wants to advance? If that happens, will that college lose its integrity and academic neutrality? Read more

Greatest College Plan of All - Student Research Foundation

Why Transferring Can Be the Greatest College Plan of All

We watched a segment on the evening news last week that showed a group of students who were gathered in their high school’s college counseling office, happily logging in and discovering all the wonderful schools where they had just been accepted.

There were whoops and shouts. They all looked happy, except for two students in the back of the room, away from the computer. They looked glum. Could it just be that they, unlike the cheering students, had just gotten bad news about their college prospects? It could be. One thing for sure was that the news segment wasn’t focusing on students who had been rejected. Read more

People Who Act Like Students but aren't - Student Research Foundation

Colleges Deal with Young People Who Act Like Students, But Aren’t

“College Dropout Refuses to Leave Her Dorm Room,” an article that Julie Marsh and Ruthie Weissman published in The New York Post on Feb. 28th, tells the story of Lisa S. Palmer, a student who reportedly dropped out of Hunter College two years ago, but refuses to vacate her dorm room. The article reports that Ms. Palmer, who is 32 years of age, has now run up $94,000 in unpaid resident fees. The school is having a hard time cooking up a legal strategy for ousting her. From her side of the dispute, Ms. Palmer claims that she has a right to occupy the room because the school, due to some mix-up, refused to let her re-register back in 2016. So she is just going to stay there. Read more