Do You Need Classroom Management Software

Do You Need Classroom Management Software?

Teachers have always had a lot of people and processes to monitor and manage. Now that some or all students are returning to classrooms, the managerial side of teaching has become more complicated than ever before. If you are a teacher today, you need to know which students are continuing to take classes remotely, which classes they are taking, which lesson units they have completed, and more.

So like many teachers, you are probably wondering whether this would be a good time to invest in classroom-management software. Read more

Tips for Teachers on Avoiding Mask-Related Violent Episodes

Last week in Sutter Creek, California, an elementary school teacher was attacked and beaten by a father who became incensed when he arrived at school and saw that his daughter was wearing a face mask. Actually, the story was a bit more complicated than that. When he saw his daughter was wearing a mask, he started an argument with the school’s principal. When that argument became heated, a male teacher at the school intervened and was beaten so badly by the father that he went to the emergency room for care. Read more

Tips for Teachers Seeking New Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

Tips for Teachers Seeking New Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

We have recently scoured blogs and articles to find advice for teachers who would like to change jobs in our new post-Covid marketplace. We looked at advice on blogs such as, the Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices blog,, and other sources.

In today’s blog, we would like to share some of the better advice we found. Read more

Resources for Teachers Returning to the Classroom Now

Resources for Teachers Returning to the Classroom Now

We recently decided to make a list of online resources for teachers who are returning to live teaching as Covid-19 subsides. But as we started our research to create a list of our own, we discovered that The Learning Policy Institute has published an excellent list of available resources, so we set our plans aside.

If you are a teacher heading back to live teaching, you will want to know about, and use, this list. Here are some of the resources given, just to give you an advance look. Read more

Teacher Reseach Trends

Teacher Retirement Trends

Study of 865,000 Teachers and Educational Employees Finds Fewer of Them Planning to Retire than Before the Pandemic

We would have assumed that due to health concerns related to Covid-19, a growing number of teachers would be planning to retire, especially those who are older who have chronic health concerns. Read more

How to Be a More Creative Teacher - Student Research Foundation

Why Teachers Have Quit the Profession during the Pandemic

 . . . and What Could Bring Them Back

Teaching, like any profession you can name, isn’t for everyone. At some point a certain number of teachers – just like a certain number of physicians, car salespeople, and store owners – decide to make a change.

That was happening before Covid-19 because of burnout, financial pressures, lack of opportunities for advancement, and other issues. Then the pandemic came along, and some teachers found new reasons to leave. Read more

A Box of School Supplies

Teachers Shouldn’t Have to Pay for School Supplies Out of Their Own Pockets

Do you remember the days when teachers had to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets? In those days, teachers had to buy basic supplies like paste, poster paint, and maybe even software because their school systems couldn’t afford them.

When teachers’ contributions in this area became known, parents and other concerned people in their communities often stepped up and contributed money to help. There were even efforts to raise money through crowdsourcing. There was widespread acceptance of the principle that it was wrong to have teachers pay for supplies that should have been provided by their school systems. Read more

Teacher standing at a board outlining Educational Trends - Student Research Foundation

Three Positive Educational Trends that Have Emerged from the Pandemic

If you are a teacher, you already have seen countless changes in your classroom and your school over the past year.

But which of those changes are most likely to exert an ongoing influence in the future?

“3 COVID-19 education trends set to persist post-pandemic,” an article that Kara Arundel wrote for last October, points out three specific improvements that are most likely to exert a long-term influence on our schools.

Read more

Social Justice Rally

The Challenges of Teaching Social Justice in Your Classroom

The trial of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis has focused our nation’s attention on issues of social justice and racial equality. These questions can form the basis for classroom discussions and assignments in our classrooms yet making those assignments and leading discussions can pose a challenge for teachers. Students could offer opinions that will trigger other students, and even reflect badly on the teacher who was in charge when those opinions were expressed. Read more

High School Student Standing in front of a school bus

Has Covid-19 Driven a Permanent Wedge Between America’s Public and Private Schools?

If you live in many towns and cities across the United States, you are familiar with the great divide between the public and private schools near you. Read more