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New Research Findings: What American Colleges Are Doing to Attract Students

How are 120 American colleges remaining competitive and relevant today in athletics, community relationships, curriculum reform, and other areas they need to succeed? You can find out in “Innovation and the Independent College: Examples from the Sector,” a report that The Council of Independent Colleges published last March. Read more

International Day of the Girl - Student Research Foundation

International Day of the Girl Child

Today is International Day of the Girl Child.  Launched in 2012 by the United Nations as an annual initiative, the day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting the empowerment of girls and young women across the globe. Read more

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Global Math Week – Exploding Dots

Several years ago, a team of seven people (see had the bold vision to bring together 1 million students from around the world through a common mathematical experience. Inspired by’s hugely successful “Hour of Code” program, which makes computer coding relevant and fun for millions of students each year, the team believed that it was possible to shift the way the world perceives mathematics, making it more approachable, more enjoyable and meaningful. Read more

What Are Digital Humanities?

We have been hearing the term “Digital Humanities” a lot lately. But exactly what does it mean?

We asked Linda LoSchiavo, Director of Libraries at Fordham University in New York. “Digital humanities (DH) has morphed from the next big thing to this week’s stock-in-trade,” she told us. “Academic libraries now have dedicated staff (DH librarians), infrastructure (scanning centers), and activities (workshops, data curation, consultations, preservation and repository services). So how do you define DH?  If you’re within the academy, you’ll know it when you see it.” Read more

Are High School Students Being Taught to be Global Citizens - Student Research Foundation

Research Finds that Only 51% or U.S. High School Students Are Learning to Be Good Global Citizens

Research conducted by the Student Research Foundation turned up something troubling about what students are learning in most American high schools. An important outlook, “Global Citizenship,” is not being sufficiently addressed or developed. Read more

Most Important Career Skills Students Should Learn - Student Research Foundation

What Are the Most Important Career Skills Students Should Learn in College?

“The Top 5 Skills Every College Student Needs to Acquire Before Graduation,” an article that Christina DesMarais recently wrote for Inc., says that before graduating from college, today’s students should know how to . . . Read more

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Help Us Fund 1,000 Classroom Projects through

We are excited to announce that the Student Research Foundation will help fund 1,000 classroom projects through in calendar year 2019. By supporting, we look forward to helping to deliver needed learning materials and program support to thousands of students in public schools throughout America. Read more

Motivating and Empowering Immigrant Female Students

Motivating and Empowering Immigrant Female Students

If you work in education in North America, chances are you have a positive view of how motivated female students are whose families have come from other countries. You see eager school-age girls whose families have worked hard to come to North America to provide good educational opportunities for their children and you think, “These students have the familial support they need . . . all we need to do is provide the right classes and materials and they will move ahead.”
Read more