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The STEM Career Pathway Study

Whether the United States has a shortage of STEM workers is a long-standing, highly contested policy issue that has become increasingly difficult to assess. In our dynamic 21st Century economy, STEM knowledge and skills are being used in many more occupations than those traditionally thought of as science and engineering, a trend that will only continue to grow as occupational tasks and occupations themselves are rapidly changing.

One thing is certain though. To remain competitive, our nation needs flexible STEM-capable workers at every education level. To meet this need requires that students receive a strong educational foundation in primary and secondary school before following their pathways to post-secondary education and careers.

The STEM Career Pathways Study will explore:

  • the life-cycle of STEM interest from the perspective of students.
  • the impact of positive and negative micro-messaging on students’ STEM engagement.
  • the nuanced nature of STEM confidence.
High School Students Are Thinking about STEM Careers in the Wrong Ways - Student Research Foundation

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