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Is the College Degree Outdated?

Many in the education community speak of the importance of a…


Check out what resources and techniques are being used by teachers to inspire career and post-secondary discovery.


Get the discussion going with these curated pieces made just for students.

High School Counselor Brooke Kupcho Discuss Career Planning for Her Students and the Student Research Foundation

High School Counselor Brooke Kupcho Discusses How Her Students Build an Identity of Success

Brooke Kupcho is a student counselor in Helena Montana. In a…
High School Teacher Esther Brunat Talks about Career Planning for the Student Research Foundation

High School Teacher Esther Brunat on How Math Equips Students for the Future

Video to Watch . . . We recently spoke with high school math…
English Teacher Daina Petronis talks about the Student Research Foundation

Toronto English Teacher Daina Petronis Explains How Student Attitudes Can Increase their Career Options

Daina Petronis, who teaches high school English in Toronto, recently…
High School Teacher Trevor Muir talking about Student Research Foundation

Teacher Trevor Muir on Why Soft Skills Are the Most Important Career Skills of All

High school teacher Trevor Muir believes that soft skills that…


Check out these infographics made just for you and your classroom.

Lesson Plan – Introduction to Career & College Planning

Dive into this introductory lesson plan aimed to help high school students identify possible college majors and career directions.

Students who already have a strong interest and sense of direction will emerge from the class with a more focused perspective; and students who do not will come away with a stronger sense of which careers and majors might be good for them to explore.

“In-Demand” Careers – Preparing Today’s High School Students for Tomorrow’s Workforce

The economic future of of the US depends on navigating two waves of change: Skills in demand and Demographic change. What careers and industries will be effected most through changing times?

The American Dream – Voices of High School Students Infographic

The American Dream is the idea that any person can achieve success, regardless of where they start from. Aspiring to post-secondary education and thinking about future careers provides a foundation on which students can reach this Dream. However, not all students are thinking about future careers at the same rate. This infographic delves into the different groups of students who are thinking “Very Much” about their future careers, a step which empowers them to make the most out of their educational experiences and take steps toward achieving their own American Dream.

Career Aspirations – Fueling Engagement of Today’s Students

This infographic offers good news to teachers looking to boost student engagement. First, it summarizes research identifying three key benefits of career goals for high school students. Second, it shows leveraging career goals to boost engagement may not be a heavy lift.

Why? Because a nationwide survey of high school students finds majorities of all demographic groups report giving considerable thought to their future careers. Whether there is little or lots of opportunity to talk about careers in class, connecting today’s classroom learning with students’ dreams of future careers may help students get the most from their return to normal.

Teacher Satisfaction Research

The nation faces a teacher shortage. Previous research shows dissatisfaction contributes to teacher turnover and discourages today’s students from pursuing teaching careers. Teacher satisfaction matters.

SRF surveyed teachers nationwide about their satisfaction on 14 workplace factors. This infographic and report examines the complex relationship between teacher satisfaction with compensation and other aspects of their professional experiences. The 2385 teachers who responded were least often satisfied with salary and benefits. But it was not just about pay. The data suggest teacher dissatisfaction with salary may be symptomatic of the toll exacted from teachers and students when education is underfunded. See our blog post about Teacher Satisfaction here.

Hispanics & STEM: Gen Z’s Interest Can Change the Future!

The demand for STEM professionals continues to grow, especially as forecasts show there will be 10.6 million STEM jobs by 2028. Attracting Gen Z Hispanics is imperative to the STEM workforce, because Hispanic adults are historically underrepresented and underutilized in the field.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Student Research Foundation’s new report on Hispanics in STEM, a collaboration with the Research Consortium on STEM Career Pathways and Google, suggests that now is the time to embrace the next generation of Hispanic STEM leaders. Data show that Gen Z Hispanics are equally as interested in STEM subjects as historically over-represented groups, despite challenges. See our report and infographic for more on effective strategies for developing and furthering the STEM aspirations of today’s Hispanic students!


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