Career & Technical Education
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The Career & Technical Education Career Pathway Study

As the U.S. economy continues gaining steam, the supply of “middle-skill” workers will be crucial for sustaining that momentum. Career and Technical Education (CTE) can help our nation meet this challenge.

The rapid pace of technological advancements has driven the need for middle-skills jobs, those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree, accounting for more than half of the U.S. labor market. It has also evolved the world of work into one where it will be essential for workers to get training and develop new skills throughout their careers.

Through industry collaborations and hands-on experiential learning, CTE programs are preparing a pipeline of workers that possess the technical competencies and workplace skills to succeed in the most in-demand areas, propelling students to postsecondary education and empowering them to be self-motivated learners able to adapt to change.

The Career and Technical Education Career Pathways study encourages students to self-assess their:

  • progress along a CTE career pathway.
  • success in deriving maximum benefit from CTE.
  • openness to life-long learning.
  • readiness to make decisions about post-secondary education and training

This survey should only take a couple minutes. Once complete, we encourage you to apply for our Personal Achievement Scholarship!

The Student Research Foundation is managing this voluntary survey for our Research Consortia. The personally identifiable data that you provide will be made available to post-secondary institutions nationwide seeking students with your qualifications. In turn, they may send you valuable information which could help you better choose a college or career pathway. Your data will also be shared with ASL Marketing, Inc., which licenses data to trusted organizations and businesses whose products and services may match the interests you have identified in this survey. After completing this survey, you can opt out at any time with an email to By clicking the submit button, you agree to Student Research Foundation's Privacy Policy. (Student Research Foundation is not affiliated with any government entity.)