Student Success and improved graduation rates

New Report Suggests New Ways to Use Data to Build Student Success

“Increase the Human & Financial Benefits of Student Success Initiatives,” an important new study you can download from Civitas Learning, suggests some effective new ways that educators can use student data to improve graduation rates and foster other positive outcomes.

Although the report focuses on student success at institutions like the University of Central Oklahoma, Utah State, and Austin Community College, we feel that lessons from the report can be used to improve student success in K-12 too.

Some of the report’s recommendations include . . .

  • Don’t just measure student performance. Also, intervene when a student’s performance begins to falter.
  • Measure and reward persistence. Students who stick with learning, even when they are not earning high grades, deserve to be encouraged.
  • Use automated data-activated email campaigns. As soon as students’ performance lags in a certain metric, your system can “notice” and automatically send them targeted emails.

Case Study from the Report . . .

Utah State University saw that many at-risk students were also the least likely to persist and the least likely to respond to general outreach. Rather than waiting for students to seek help during open registration, advisors use predictive analytics to prioritize outreach at critical moments throughout the term. Using persistence likelihood within the Civitas Learning Platform advisors prioritize outreach to students with the lowest likelihood of persistence. Segmenting data reveals that advisors can most significantly impact students with a medium to high probability to persist.


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