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How to Use Technology to Give Students Feedback that Motivates

Most teachers give only written notes to students about the work and projects they have turned in. Written feedback is certainly better than no feedback at all. But according to “How to Give Your Students Feedback with Technology,” an article that instructional designers Holly Fiock and Heather Garcia published recently in The Chronicle of Higher Education, giving feedback in video, audio and other formats can be far more effective than giving written comments alone. Read more

20 Effective Ways for Teachers to Motivate Students - Student Research Foundation

20 Effective Ways for Teachers to Motivate Students

A college professor we know tells us, “Sometimes I think that nothing I can do will generate the slightest amount of enthusiasm from my lecture classes . . . If I stood on the lab table in the front of the room, lit the Bunsen Burner and waved it around over my head, I don’t think even that would do the trick.” Read more

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What Teachers Can Do When Parents Ask Unethical Questions

Sometimes parents ask teachers to stretch ethical boundaries in ways that seem “small,” like this . . .

“My daughter has never gotten a B on a science test, and you just gave her one,” a mother told a teacher during a tense phone call. “I want you to let her retake the exam, but first I want you to go over the questions she got wrong.”

And sometimes parents make demands that are clearly unethical, like this . . .

“You gave my son a C in physics last term,” a father told a high school teacher. “How did that compare to the median grade you gave to all the students in the class? I want you to increase it to a B.” Read more

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Do You Know What Motivates Your Students to Learn?

If you’re a teacher, do you know what is going on in the minds of your students? What motivates them to learn? As you know, some students are extremely motivated to learn, while others are only concerned with earning a passing grade. What is going on? Read more

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Big Ideas from on How to Be a More Creative Teacher

As a high school teacher, you are devoting time and energy to your professional development. But are you also striving to become a more creative teacher?

We recently found a new post, “101 Ways for Teachers to Be More Creative” that was published on July 31, 2019 on the TeachThought blog. This post really does offer 101 suggestions for how teachers can become more creative. Read more

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The Best Ways for High School Teachers to Stay in Touch with Students

It’s only natural for high school teachers to feel a special affection for former students, and to feel a sense of loss when they leave for college.

As educator Jill Eulberg writes on the Hey Teach blog:

“Spending as much time as we do together, our classes can bond like families, and students can start to feel like our own kids. But when it comes time for them to move on to the next grade, the next school, or the next step in their lives, it can be hard to know the best way to stay in touch with students.” Read more

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Getting Ahead of the Coming Shortage of CTE Teachers

If you walk into a typical American high school and stand outside a classroom where technical subjects are taught, chances are that everything looks like it is humming along beautifully. Eager students come into the classroom in time for their classes to begin, where a knowledgeable and experienced teacher takes up a position at the front of the classroom. And in communities with sufficient funding, everyone is able to start working on computers and other equipment that facilitate the learning process. Read more

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How Mrs. Henry’s Project Nurtured Her Students’ Desire to Teach Others

Mrs. Henry is a 9-12 English teacher at South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas. She had an unusual opportunity. Many of her students were planning to become educators after college, but they didn’t want to wait to start helping younger students read. So they approached Mrs. Henry and asked her to help them create a classroom Reading Center where they could help elementary school students improve their reading skills. They felt that the need for a Reading Center was especially acute in Grand Prairie, a community where more than half of all students come from low-income households. Read more

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An Essential Way for Classroom Teachers to Connect

What TeachersConnect is and why you should join our community

At first glance, it seems that classroom teachers are among the most connected professionals anywhere. They have meetings with other teachers in their subject area, with other teachers in their school or school system, with parents, and more. They even meet their peers at conventions. Read more

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Who Will Tomorrow’s Teachers Be?

More than 800,000 new teachers will be needed in America in the near future. But who will those teachers be? Do they begin to think about teaching while they are still in high school and if so, when? Read more