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How Mrs. Henry’s Project Nurtured Her Students’ Desire to Teach Others

Mrs. Henry is a 9-12 English teacher at South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas. She had an unusual opportunity. Many of her students were planning to become educators after college, but they didn’t want to wait to start helping younger students read. So they approached Mrs. Henry and asked her to help them create a classroom Reading Center where they could help elementary school students improve their reading skills. They felt that the need for a Reading Center was especially acute in Grand Prairie, a community where more than half of all students come from low-income households. Read more

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An Essential Way for Classroom Teachers to Connect

What TeachersConnect is and why you should join our community

At first glance, it seems that classroom teachers are among the most connected professionals anywhere. They have meetings with other teachers in their subject area, with other teachers in their school or school system, with parents, and more. They even meet their peers at conventions. Read more

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Who Will Tomorrow’s Teachers Be?

More than 800,000 new teachers will be needed in America in the near future. But who will those teachers be? Do they begin to think about teaching while they are still in high school and if so, when? Read more

Recruiting Teachers who Graduated College with CTE Credentials - Student Research Foundation

High Schools are Recruiting Teachers who Graduated College with CTE Credentials

“I graduated with a B.S. degree in robotics last year,” a young woman tells us. “And guess what? I couldn’t get a job designing robots. However, I did get a great job teaching middle school and high school students how to build them. I’m having the time of my life!” Read more

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Thought for National Teacher Appreciation Day

Thought for National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 8th . . .Another Way Teaching Inspires

Many successful people – actors, politicians, scientists and many more – can point to a special teacher who inspired them. But there is a different link between teaching and success too, which reveals itself when you make a list of successful people who have worked as teachers. Read more

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Why Do We Appreciate Teachers? Because They Appreciated Us

The NEA’s 2018 Teacher Appreciation Week will take place this year from May 7-11. It will be a week when the NEA will encourage people across America, especially students, to reach out and thank their teachers.  There will be special teacher appreciation events held across the country, opportunities for students to nominate their favorite teachers for awards, and more. Read more

How Many Teachers Will the US Lose - Student Research Foundation

How Many Teachers Will the US Lose if DACA Protections Disappear?

American colleges and universities are having an increasingly difficult time attracting international students today, thanks to the immigration policies of the Trump administration. (See “4 Questions We Should Be Asking about Falling International Student Enrollments,” the Student Research Foundation Blog, January 15, 2018.) Read more

Teaching Careers and the shortage of future teachers - Student Research Foundation

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers

It’s hard to avoid news stories these days detailing the teacher shortage gripping public schools across the United States. Last year, the Learning Policy Institute wrote of the teacher pipeline crisis. LPI even developed an interesting map that addressed the issue, state by state.

Some organizations have sought to address the issue by focusing on the quality and rigor of teacher preparation programs. Others, like Educators Rising, have taken on the issue by trying to expand the teacher pipeline, including by recruiting high school students for future careers in the classroom.

Regardless of which way one approaches the issue, it is clear that much work must be done to inform today’s students on tomorrow’s careers as educators. Recent data from our research partners show that just 3.6 percent of today’s high school students aspire to become teachers.
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