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Why “I’m Applying to College” Should Not Be the Motivation for Helping People

Why do high school students take the time to volunteer and help people?

Many of them, if not most, have a sincere desire to do good in the world. However, as most teachers, parents and counselor know, many are also motivated by the need to do things that make them look good to the colleges where they are applying. Read more

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Classroom Resources for MLK Day

It is not difficult to find resources online that teach about the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There are videos, songs, instructions for art projects, and more. Read more

Most Important Career Skills Students Should Learn - Student Research Foundation

Career Counseling Advice: Tell Your Students the Importance of Loyalty to Employers

Keeping employees from quitting their jobs after only a month or two is becoming a bigger challenge for many businesses across the county. As one executive at an auto components manufacturer recently told us, “We hire young employees and then we can’t get them to stay around for more than a month or two, even if we offer them a bonus they have to wait three months to get. They get a little more money at other companies, and they are gone. This problem affects not only employees we expect to employ permanently, but summer employees and even interns.” Read more

Three Questions Stacey Abrams Wants You to Ask about Your Goals - Student Research Foundation

Three Questions Stacey Abrams Wants You to Ask about Your Goals

Stacey Abrams has been very much in the news lately, thanks to her recent run to become Governor of Georgia. Although she withdrew her bid to become Governor amidst controversy after votes had been tabulated, her energetic and controversial campaign had the effect of making her a presence on the national political stage. People are now seeing her as a potential future candidate for Governor again, for the U.S. Senate, and even for the presidency of the United States. Read more

International Day of the Girl - Student Research Foundation

International Day of the Girl Child

Today is International Day of the Girl Child.  Launched in 2012 by the United Nations as an annual initiative, the day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting the empowerment of girls and young women across the globe. Read more

Are High School Students Being Taught to be Global Citizens - Student Research Foundation

Research Finds that Only 51% or U.S. High School Students Are Learning to Be Good Global Citizens

Research conducted by the Student Research Foundation turned up something troubling about what students are learning in most American high schools. An important outlook, “Global Citizenship,” is not being sufficiently addressed or developed. Read more