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Free Online Career Test Review: The Career Clusters Exam

Plenty of online career tests are available online, many of them free. Today, we would like to direct your attention to the Career Clusters test, which is available at Read more

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Classroom Resources for MLK Day

It is not difficult to find resources online that teach about the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There are videos, songs, instructions for art projects, and more. Read more

global math week logo

Global Math Week – Exploding Dots

Several years ago, a team of seven people (see had the bold vision to bring together 1 million students from around the world through a common mathematical experience. Inspired by’s hugely successful “Hour of Code” program, which makes computer coding relevant and fun for millions of students each year, the team believed that it was possible to shift the way the world perceives mathematics, making it more approachable, more enjoyable and meaningful. Read more

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Questions to Ask Before Recommending Online Career or Aptitude Tests

If you are a high school or college career or guidance counselor, chances are you are on the lookout for good career and aptitude tests that your counselees can take online. And with good reason. Online tests are instantly available for your students to take, anywhere. Many tests are free (but not all). All the scoring is done for you, so you don’t need to spend time evaluating the tests your counselees have taken. And if a test has been ethically and intelligently constructed, it could just deliver some helpful advice and findings. Read more

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Three Online Career Tests for High School Students

Why should high school students take a career-preference test when many aren’t even thinking about their college majors yet? Because the perspective the quizzes give can give valuable direction before high schoolers start their college years. Read more

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Don’t Fall Victim to Back-to-School Financial Scams

Your son or daughter gets an email that says, “Save Big Dollars on Your Textbooks!” It comes from a company that purports to be a bookseller. So your kid clicks through, orders textbooks, and feels good about saving money. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, according to a number of articles that have recently appeared on sites like, and even in newspapers like The Asbury Park Press. Read more

Reading List for Parents of STEM Students - Student Research Foundation

Reading List for Parents of STEM Students

Mom or Dad, were you puzzled when you learned that your child was interested in a STEM career?

Did you even know what that meant? Maybe you thought STEM meant a career in agriculture or botany.

Although we are sure that you are now pretty much up to speed about what your kid is preparing to do with his or her life, here are some resources that can help you learn more and stay on top of trends. Read more

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9 Finance Blogs Offer Advice to Help You Pay For College

Are you a parent, a student, or a college admissions counselor who needs to know more about paying for college?

In addition to books and magazine articles that offer insights, there are also a number of blogs that offer advice. Here is a list of some we found that offer good information. Read more

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Interested in Engineering? Discover Great Courses and Lectures Online

Are you a high school student who is interested in becoming an engineer? Or do you know a student who is interested in majoring in engineering in college?

If so, there are lots of online opportunities to learn what engineering classes are like. Visit the links below to take a seat in a virtual engineering classroom. Read more

How to get the most benefit from you college and career counseling office - Student Research Foundation

How to Benefit the Most from College Career Counseling Offices

Every year, many college seniors visit the career counseling offices at their schools to get help writing their resumes and cover letters, to get some advice on starting their careers, and to scan job listings. Most of those students benefit. Yet the fact is, students can make much better use of college career/counseling offices if they follow these steps . . . Read more