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Is Transferring from a Community College to a Four-Year College Still a Good Strategy?

To save on college costs, about 100,000 American students every year follow a simple strategy . . .

They go to community colleges for two years, then transfer to four-year state or private colleges and complete their undergraduate work there.

This strategy is appealing for some very sound reasons: Read more

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STEM Companies Hiring Non-Tech Students

STEM Companies Need Non-Tech Students to Fill Jobs Too

It’s no secret that a boom is taking place in STEM education. Students across America are enrolling in courses to study engineering, computer science, statistics, and other subjects that will equip them to fill jobs with tech firms.

But here is one fact that can get overlooked as students prepare to find work with tech companies . . . Read more

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Why America’s Universities Still Appeal Strongly to Foreign STEM Students

American colleges from coast to coast – especially smaller independent schools – are reporting a large decline in the number of applications they are getting from foreign students this year. And with good reason. Why would students run the risk of running afoul of more stringent immigration laws in the U.S., when they can choose to study in Canada or Europe instead? Why would they invest time and money to begin studies that might be interrupted later? Read more

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Why Transferring Can Be the Greatest College Plan of All

We watched a segment on the evening news last week that showed a group of students who were gathered in their high school’s college counseling office, happily logging in and discovering all the wonderful schools where they had just been accepted.

There were whoops and shouts. They all looked happy, except for two students in the back of the room, away from the computer. They looked glum. Could it just be that they, unlike the cheering students, had just gotten bad news about their college prospects? It could be. One thing for sure was that the news segment wasn’t focusing on students who had been rejected. Read more

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STEM: The Acronym Race Begins

STEM: The Acronym Race Begins

First there was STEM. And we have recently heard about another acronym, STEAM, which adds “Art” to the mix. The result is apparently Science Technology Engineering Art Math. Read more

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Colleges Deal with Young People Who Act Like Students, But Aren’t

“College Dropout Refuses to Leave Her Dorm Room,” an article that Julie Marsh and Ruthie Weissman published in The New York Post on Feb. 28th, tells the story of Lisa S. Palmer, a student who reportedly dropped out of Hunter College two years ago, but refuses to vacate her dorm room. The article reports that Ms. Palmer, who is 32 years of age, has now run up $94,000 in unpaid resident fees. The school is having a hard time cooking up a legal strategy for ousting her. From her side of the dispute, Ms. Palmer claims that she has a right to occupy the room because the school, due to some mix-up, refused to let her re-register back in 2016. So she is just going to stay there. Read more

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Do You Go to College for Job Training or Self-Discovery? Or Maybe Both?

Do You Go to College for Job Training or Self-Discovery? Or Maybe Both?

Let’s meet two students who have very different goals for what they want to achieve in college . . . Read more

When and How Do High School Students Begin to Consider their Future Careers?

When do high school students start to ask, “What should I do with my life?” And what influences that decision?

Here are some answers to those questions, based on research conducted by the Student Research Foundation in partnership with the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, America’s Promise Alliance, and SkillsUSA. You will want to check out the findings of the study in depth, but here are some highlights you should know. Read more

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Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree from a Four-Year College

On January 11, 2017, Susannah Snider published “25 Best Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree” in U.S. News. The jobs she listed were . . . Read more

English Major and what it means for your career success. We explore the topic at the Student Research Foundation

Rethinking the Lowly College English Major 

When college students decide to major in English language and literature, common wisdom holds that their parents are unlikely to react less than positively. Some of the most stereotypical responses students can expect, according to common lore, can be expected to be . . .

  • “I’m paying all that college tuition so you can major in English?”
  • “What kind of job are you going to get as an English major?”
  • “Couldn’t you think of a major that stands a better chance of getting you a high-paying job?”

Read more