Make Informed Career Choices

How Ready Are Your Students to Make Informed Career Choices?

The Student Research Foundation Invites teachers to take part in our new teacher survey on student readiness

If you teach high school, chances are one question has often been on your mind . . .

How ready are your students to identify career paths that are appropriate for them?

If you would like to explore this question in-depth and develop a deeper understanding of how prepared your students are to make critical decisions about their future careers, we invite you to take part in the Student Research Foundation’s new teacher survey.

After you take part in this survey and the results are tabulated, you will arrive at a deeper understanding of your student’s career readiness that can answer questions like the following:

  • What influence do factors like gender and background have on students’ readiness to identify careers?
  • What classroom experiences and courses are the most helpful to students as they plan their future?
  • Are your school and its curriculum helping students identify appropriate careers, or can your performance be improved?
  • How does student readiness differ in different regions of our country?

About the Survey

This survey is designed for teachers to share their point of view on the high school curriculum and the potential impact it has on their student’s career and educational pathways.

Your participation will help guide future research, programming, and discussion on how best teachers can prepare their students for the 4th industrial revolution and 21st-century careers. Take 2-3 minutes to share your thoughts.

We Invite You to Explore Your Students’ College & Career Options with Us . . .

Students who participate in the National Career & College Pathway Study will gain new insights about making educational decisions that align with their interests, passions, and aptitudes. Participants will receive information on college and career opportunities that match their interests.

Participate in the research study

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