High School Newspaper Club gets a new Camera through a donation by the Student Research Foundation

Why This High School Newspaper Club Received a New Digital Camera

Mrs. Avcollie’s High School Newspaper Club Gets a New Digital SLR Camera Thanks to a Donation from the Student Research Foundation

A high school newspaper needs to include photographs of school events. Plus, most high school papers today post videos on their websites and on social media.

But when it came to shooting photos and videos, a group of high school students in Terryville High School in
Terryville, CT hit a snag. Because their school’s old cameras had stopped working, students were forced to use their phones to take the pictures and videos that would accompany the articles they published. Read more

Living Sculptures Are Growing in a Philadelphia High School - Thanks to a donation from the Student Research Foundation

Living Sculptures Are Growing in a Philadelphia High School

Did you know that not all sculpture is made of marble, granite, bronze or concrete? Some of it can be made from living plants like rosemary, lavender and marigolds that are attached to underlying structures. And when you make a sculpture out of living plants, something interesting can happen. It can become a living laboratory where students can study how insects are attracted to plants, how predatory insects attack the first insects that arrived, and much more. The result? A living experiment where students can prepare for future careers in science and agriculture. Read more

How Slime Brings Science and STEM to the Library - Student Research Foundation Funded Project

How Slime Brings Science and STEM to the Library

Mrs. Dabney, Pasadena Texas High School Librarian, Helps Her Students Learn about Slime!

“Libraries aren’t just for reading anymore,” writes Mrs. Dabney, a high school librarian in Pasadena, TX. “Today’s libraries have books, technology, games, and maker spaces. We are striving to be the best library we can be in the 21st century. Our students lack many experiences due to socio-economic status, and we want to change that.”

Read more

How This Teacher Unlocked His Students’ Curiosity a Student Research Foundation funded project

How This Teacher Unlocked His Students’ Curiosity

Mr. Escobar Used Small Padlocks to Unlock His Students’ Curiosity

Mr. Escobar is a social science teacher at Tranquillity High School located in California. He is clearly a creative thinker when it comes to teaching social sciences to his 120+ students.  He created a series of “escape room” lock box puzzles for them. After they discover a piece of historical information contained in each “room,” they unlock it and move on to another one. Read more

Learning Chemistry from a Saltwater Fish Tank - Student Research Foundation

Something Is “Fishy” in this Classroom …but it Is Educational

Mr. Reid Needed the Right Kind of Fish to Keep His Classroom Tank Healthy . . . and Educational

Mr. Reid, a grade 9-12 science teacher in Illinois, already had a beautiful big saltwater fish tank in his classroom. His 90+ students, who live far from oceans, loved it. Some of them were so inspired by it that they were dreaming of becoming marine biologists. Read more

Teacher Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Her Classroom - Thanks to the support of the Student Research Foundation

Teacher Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Her Classroom to Show Students New Possibilities

Meet Mrs. K’s a high school teacher in South Carolina who is showing her class the potential

Mrs. K, a high school teacher in South Carolina, wanted her students to have Apple Pencils to use with their iPads. So she posted a project on DonorsChoose.org and asked for them. Because almost all of Mrs. K’s 100+ students come from low-income households, they would have little chance of experiencing the latest technologies like Apple Pencils unless they were provided by their school. But now, thanks to generous donors, her project is fully funded. And her students are using their Apple Pencils to write away on iPads. Read more

National Girls Collaborative Project - A Student Research Foundation Partner

Research Partner Profile: National Girls Collaborative Project

The Student Research Foundation is proud to have established research partnerships with a number of outstanding educational organizations and foundations. Read more

Teach Students about Chromosomes with Pool Noodles - Student Research Foundation

How One Teacher Uses Styrofoam Pool Noodles to Teach Students about Chromosomes

Thanks to a fully funded DonorsChoose project, Mrs. McNair is now able to use styrofoam pool noodles to teach her students about chromosomes Read more

Popcorn for college success - Student Research Foundation

How Mr. Starling’s Popcorn Project Gives His Students the Hunger to Learn

We have recently been blogging about some of the wonderful projects that have been funded through our partner program with DonorsChoose.org. Today we would like to tell you about one such funding project – and a remarkable one – that has now been funded thanks to the efforts of Mr. Starling, an 11-grade high school teacher at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Read more

Infinity Early College High - Student Research Foundation contributed funds to a project at the school

How Mrs. Carnahan Nurtured Her Students’ STEM Skills

How Mrs. Carnahan’s “More Power to Learn Science” Project Nurtured Her Students’ STEM Skills

Sometimes classrooms are lacking all kinds of sophisticated technology to teach STEM skills – expensive equipment like whiteboards, 3D printers, and computers. But that is not always the case. When Mrs. Carnahan, a grade 9-12 science teacher at Infinity Early College High School in Potter, Texas, looked around her classroom with open eyes, she saw that what her students really needed were simple power strips and long extension cords, so they could keep their laptops charged up in class. Read more