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Teaching Citizenship Skills to Future American Leaders

Calls to boost civic education are growing, and teachers need help answering that call. The RAND Corporation finds only 1 in 5 social studies teachers nationwide feels well-prepared to support their students’ citizenship education. Consistent with our commitment at the Student Research Foundation (SRF) to support teachers in preparing students for life after high school, we want to share two resources that may help all educators – and particularly those who feel caught between community pressures and lack of resources. Read more

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Teachers Face a Barrage of Unfair Treatment During the Pandemic

“That’s not fair!” is a complaint that teachers are accustomed to hearing from younger students.

Today, during the pandemic, those same teachers have had to face the fact that they themselves are voicing that same complaint. This is simply a time when teachers are not being treated fairly by the institutions where they work. And interestingly, there seem to be more complaints of unfair treatment in schools where some students have physically returned to their classrooms. Read more

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Why College Could Become Even Further Beyond the Reach of Underprivileged Students

“What this means is that the American Dream for many low-income students has been deferred, perhaps permanently. Young people not born to well-off families will not surpass their parents in income and home ownership, they will not surge into promising careers, and they will not trust the American system to do right by them.”

– Source: “New Data: College Enrollment for Low-Income High School Grads Plunged by 29% During the Pandemic” by Richard Whitmire, the blog, December 10, 2020 Read more

Teachers Face Harder Decisions about Returning to School - Student Research Foundation

America’s Teachers Face Harder Decisions about Returning to School

As many American schools plan to resume classes soon, teachers are trying to decide whether or not to return to classrooms. That implies that there are only two groups of teachers regarding this issue – those who will go back, and those who will not. But in reality, a number of factors are at play as American schools reorganize in new ways. Read more

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Teachers, Why Not Make Facebook and LinkedIn Groups Your New Way to Connect?

When I was going to high school, there was a special dining room reserved for teachers. It was in a corner of our cafeteria and I remember seeing teachers heading back there carrying brown lunch bags and cafeteria trays. I have no idea what they talked about behind closed doors, but I assume they were happy to be away from students like me and my friends, at least for the duration of a lunch period.

Today, teachers’ lounges can be found in many schools. They, like that dining room I remember, are places where teachers can connect to each other, discuss current challenges and ideas, and enjoy being part of a teachers’ community. Read more

Resistance to Returning to Public Schools this Fall Is Running High - Student Research Foundation

Resistance to Returning to Public Schools this Fall Is Running High

Even though the Trump Administration is exerting pressure on American school systems to reopen this fall, new polls have found that neither parents nor teachers are eager to return to classrooms. Read more

The National PTA Is Ready to Help You Thank Your Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

The National PTA Is Ready to Help You Thank Your Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

“It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our nation’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives—inspiring a lifelong love of learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success.” Read more

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Teacher Satisfaction Matters

The Student Research Foundation (SRF) surveyed high school teachers nationwide about their satisfaction on 14 job-related factors. (See infographic below.) 2,385 responded during Fall 2018. The data, collected pre-Covid, provide insights into teachers’ willingness to rally after schools closed and possible impacts of any Covid-induced budget cuts on learning environments. Read more

What Influences High School Students to Become Teachers - Student Research Foundation

What Influences High School Students to Become Teachers?

Research Findings . . .

If you are a teacher, you know how exciting it is to hear one of your students say, “I want to become a teacher someday.”

Those words tell you that a lot of things have gone right with that student’s education. He or she finds learning exciting, believes in the classroom experience, wants to give something back to the world by teaching young people . . . and also admires you and the work you are doing.

Those are all great messages to be getting from a student you have influenced.

Read more

How to Use Technology to Give Students Feedback that Motivates - Student Research Foundation

How to Use Technology to Give Students Feedback that Motivates

Most teachers give only written notes to students about the work and projects they have turned in. Written feedback is certainly better than no feedback at all. But according to “How to Give Your Students Feedback with Technology,” an article that instructional designers Holly Fiock and Heather Garcia published recently in The Chronicle of Higher Education, giving feedback in video, audio and other formats can be far more effective than giving written comments alone. Read more