High School Students Are Thinking about STEM Careers in the Wrong Ways - Student Research Foundation

High School Students Are Thinking about STEM Careers in the Wrong Ways

In 2015, Ranstad US asked 1,000 students ages 11-17 what they knew and thought about STEM careers. The results of the survey, which were published in 2017, showed that most students in that age group are harboring misconceptions about what it means to pursue a STEM career. Read more

Teach Students about Chromosomes with Pool Noodles - Student Research Foundation

How One Teacher Uses Styrofoam Pool Noodles to Teach Students about Chromosomes

Thanks to a fully funded DonorsChoose project, Mrs. McNair is now able to use styrofoam pool noodles to teach her students about chromosomes Read more

Generations Timeline and research on Generation Z - Student Research Foundation

How Are High School Students Thinking About Careers in Engineering?

Findings from the Student Research Foundation’s Research into Engineering Careers . . .

In this and upcoming blog posts, we will take a close look at how members of Generation Z are preparing for their careers. Each of our posts about Gen Z will focus on one study. Read more

Infinity Early College High - Student Research Foundation contributed funds to a project at the school

How Mrs. Carnahan Nurtured Her Students’ STEM Skills

How Mrs. Carnahan’s “More Power to Learn Science” Project Nurtured Her Students’ STEM Skills

Sometimes classrooms are lacking all kinds of sophisticated technology to teach STEM skills – expensive equipment like whiteboards, 3D printers, and computers. But that is not always the case. When Mrs. Carnahan, a grade 9-12 science teacher at Infinity Early College High School in Potter, Texas, looked around her classroom with open eyes, she saw that what her students really needed were simple power strips and long extension cords, so they could keep their laptops charged up in class. Read more

American Association of Physics Teachers a Student Research Foundation Partner

Get to Know the American Association of Physics Teachers

Research Partner Profile . . . the American Association of Physics Teachers

The Student Research Foundation is proud to have established research partnerships with a number of outstanding educational organizations and foundations. Read more

Things Kids Say Can Help You Guide their STEM Learning - Student Research Foundation

How “I Want to Be an Inventor” and other Things Kids Say Can Help You Guide their STEM Learning

Many new technologies have changed the world over the last 30-40 years. The Internet was one. Smartphones, cloud storage, social networking, computer simulations, and graphing calculators are only a few others.

But despite those changes, elementary-school kids still make some of the classic statements about their dreams that they were making 30, 40 or more years ago. From a practical perspective, the following statements offer educators opportunities to capitalize on student interests and direct them to STEM studies that align with their goals. Read more

Future Jobs in Robotics - Student Research Foundation

Where Are the Future Jobs in Robotics?

Many high school students have discovered that robots are fun. Some students build combat robots and enter them in slam-bang competitions. Others join high school robotics clubs and build peace-loving robots. Still other students build robots at home. Read more

How Valuable Is an Associate's Degree - Student Research Foundation

What Are the Top-Paying Two-Year Degrees?

Money isn’t everything. But if you or a student you know is interested in starting to work in engineering or a related field after only two years of college, it is worth knowing which jobs promise the highest earnings. Read more

Cyber Security Jobs - Explore your career options at Student Research Foundation

Why Business Ethics Should Be Part of Your Cybersecurity Course Plan

Are You Teaching a Course on Cybersecurity?

With more and more American colleges offering courses about cybercrime and letting students major in the subject, you would think that American businesses will soon be able to protect their systems and data with ironclad reliability. Read more

Interested in Engineering Try Out These Free Online Courses - Student Research Foundation

Career Opportunities Abound in Engineering

PayScale’s Salary Report Shows Earning Potential for Engineering Careers

When you start to look at Best Schools for Engineering Majors by Salary Potential, a report from PayScale, the first thing you are apt to think is, “Boy, an awful lot of American colleges and universities offer engineering degrees today.” And a lot of them do. The PayScale report, in fact, offers salary data for graduates of no fewer than 409 American institutions that offer undergraduate engineering degrees. Read more