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Spotlighting Students’ Readiness for #STEM

With more and more high schools emphasizing the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education for all of their students, an important issue has been raised. How does one effectively recognize those students who are excelling in STEM? In Colorado and elsewhere, that question has been answered with an effort to add a STEM […]

Community College and You!

We often think we “know” all about community colleges and two-year postsecondary institutions. But how much of what we know is truly supported by the facts? Recently, the American Association of Community Colleges released a series of “fast facts” about community colleges today. And some of the data points may surprise you, including: Community college students […]

Is the College Degree Outdated?

Many in the education community speak of the importance of a postsecondary education for all of today’s learners, and rightfully so. As young people make the transition from school to career, there are many important lessons, skills, and experiences that postsecondary education provides. It is important, though, to recognize that postsecondary education is not synonymous […]