Being a parent of a student can be a lot of work! We’re stepping in to help provide insight, resources and financial assistance. By giving back info on further education and career pathways for your student , the Student Research Foundation hopes to make your job a lot easier.

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One of the more difficult parts of higher education is affording the growing associated costs. We’re here to help with our Personal Achievement Scholarship!

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Our research is helpful in determining the higher education and career pathway trends present in today’s youth. We’ll provide you with the latest research on STEM, Health & Science and Technical Education.

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Trusted Resources

With the help of our research partners, we’ve put together a list of resources that will help you and your child.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Classroom Resources for MLK Day

It is not difficult to find resources online that teach about…
Teacher Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Her Classroom - Thanks to the support of the Student Research Foundation

Teacher Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Her Classroom to Show Students New Possibilities

Meet Mrs. K’s a high school teacher in South Carolina who is…
National Girls Collaborative Project - A Student Research Foundation Partner

Research Partner Profile: National Girls Collaborative Project

The Student Research Foundation is proud to have established…

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